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Inkscape Tutorial

Getting Started With Tracing

One of the useful tools in Inkscape is for tracing a bitmap (photo - scanned image - etc.) into a <path> element for an SVG drawing. Tracer's purpose is not to reproduce an exact duplicate of an original image, instead it produces a set of curves as a resource for a drawing. For this demo, I am using the Botticelli Venus:

Load or import An image. select it. Click on Path -> Trace Bitmap (Shift-Alt-B Also works here) The window will be similar to what you see below.

This shows the result of choosing Brightness Threshold

This shows the result of choosing Optimal Edge Detection

This shows the result of choosing Color Quantization

Changing the numbers in the value boxes will vary the results.

After tracing, the image will have a large number of nodes. Path -> Simplify (or Control-L) will reduce the number of nodes, and simplify the appearance of the tracing somewhat.