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Applied Business Technology - Administrative Assistant

This specialty is designed to provide students with technical, administrative, and human relations skills required in today's office environments. Students gain in-depth training in administrative and interpersonal skills, as well as in the use of microcomputers and popular software applications, including the Microsoft Professional Office Suite and the Windows environment. Students learn to use the microcomputer to solve problems, manage information, and enhance document production.

Graduates of this program will acquire a broad range of marketable skills, which makes them ideally suited for many office positions. Graduates are employed in a wide variety of private and public sector firms, including federal, provincial, and municipal government offices; major corporations; desktop publishing firms, and many other mid-sized and small companies.

To continue into the second semester, a student must pass all fall semester courses and have a minimum "C" in: Business Math and Calculators, Business English, Office Computer Applications I, and a minimum "C-" in Human Relations and Office Procedures.


Textbooks will be available to purchase from the bookstore prior to the program start date; however, you may want to wait until orientation day to purchase your textbooks. Please note that you will need to have all your textbooks purchased on that day; textbooks are used extensively starting the first day of class. View the Textbook List here.